Advanced Internal Medicine Group, PC (AIM) was founded based upon the traditional principles of primary care and where the patient’s wishes and outcomes are based on a partnership. For over 30 years our physicians have AIMed to develop relationships with patients and families that helps us provide personalized care. At AIM, we value and welcome input from family, friends or any other caretaker that will enable us to treat and thoroughly understand the whole person.

The practice of medicine has become an art form that is continuously changing, the plethora of ever increasing discoveries and newer technologies to treat some of the more common conditions can be very intimidating. However, the roots of the doctor-patient relationship never change. There is a constant familiarity factor with all encounters. Having been an established practice for several decades, this doctor patient relationship continues to evolve over the years. Being up-to-date on the latest technology and medical therapies available along with our long standing connection to our patients, helps lead us, as a team, to the best possible outcomes. We provide optimal care both in the outpatient setting and inpatient setting at St. Francis Hospital “The Heart Center.” This, along with our 24/7 emergency accessibility, ensures that we are available at all times, and will always be there for you and your health.

AIM has expanded upon its years of provider-patient success. Through recognizing the needs of patients unable to make their way into the office and therefore not managing their health or chronic conditions, AIM House Calls was born. Today, we have a team of providers out visiting patients in their homes and various assisted living facilities, bringing the best of our medical experience to them.

No two people are the same, something our practice understands better than most. AIM Weight Management was founded with this understanding, and with the vision of the patient’s full health and wellness in mind. Whether the goal is weight loss, weight management, lowering blood sugar, blood pressure, or the amount of medication one is taking, AIM Weight Management provides its patients with personalized and medically supervised attention.

Advanced Internal Medicine Group with their 5 Star providers, state of the art on-site lab and medical equipment, and beautifully appointed new offices has redefined the standards for internal medicine and patient care.